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Made from just 6 raw and all natural ingredients, Koko™ is a 100% natural alternative to chemically-produced anti friction/chaffing products. It smells great, and it really works!

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What makes Koko™ different?

Effective Ingredients

Koko™ uses a selection of the most effective ingredients. It's super simple and contains zero fillers.

Quality Control

Koko™ is made from natural ingredients mixed in small batches to ensure the highest quality possible.

Unprocessed & Gentle

Koko™ is as unprocessed as possible to ensure maximum effectiveness & to be gentle to the skin.

6 Simple Ingredients, 3 Great Products, ZERO fillers or chemicals


Catching his breath after a half marathon in Florida, Matt Carnaghi grabbed an organic post-drink from a vendor just past the finish line. Looking around, he noticed that nearly everything he saw was "all natural" or "organic" with one exception; the anti-chafing balm he used frequently before his runs. Why wasn't that natural? Could it be? That is how Koko™ came to be.

Made from just 6 raw and all natural ingredients, Koko™ contains ZERO filler or chemicals. The Koko™ Balm family of products are targeted at lubricating the skin from blisters, renewing skin and also helping with soreness and pain.

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What kind of Koko™ are you?

Koko™ Products

Koko Balm Go

Koko™ Go

Stop the chafing with the Koko™ that started it all.

The original concept and formula all started with the anti-chafe balm. Over 15 different iterations were tweaked to find that perfect combination of ingredients. The all natural formula protects the skin from irritation and chafing. It also has the ability to protect and lubricate the skin from forming blisters.

Koko™ Go is great for endurance athletes, construction workers, police, military, and firefighters. It can be used in any application where your skin may be irritated due to friction, including skin on skin contact. The natural formula may be worn under clothes without fear of damage or staining.

Koko™ Renew

Hydrate, protect and improve the quality of your skin.

The second creation in the line was produce after observing the results of the anti-chafe balm. With a few tweaks of the original formula we were able to create a new combination to optimize the hydrating and restorative properties of the conditioning balm.

Koko™ Renew not only hydrates and protects the skin, but improves the quality and condition of the skin over time. It is great for anyone that suffers from dryness, flaking, or skin that is exposed to dry cold weather conditions.

Koko Balm Renew
Koko Balm Revive

Koko™ Revive

An all-natural way to help relieve pain.

The Koko™ Renew formula was discovered nearly by accident. While new, positive effects of Cannabidiol are being discovered every day - pain relief is certainly a characteristic of Cannabidiol that has been known for quite some time. Without any of the psychotropic properties of the plant from which it is extracted, the all-natural, pain relieving qualities of "CBD" were simply too good to pass up and it turns out that Koko™ is the perfect transport system for delivering Cannabidiol to the source of pain.

With a topical application that Koko™ delivers, Koko™ Revive has the potential to interact with receptors in the skin to reduce effects of inflammation, muscle soreness, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. Koko™ Revive has one of the highest concentrations of pure crystaline CBD available on the market today to give our customers the most effective topical CBD product possible.

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Is it supposed to smell like chocolate?

Yup. Sure is. We don't mask what's in Koko™ because we are committed to providing natural, unrefined, healthy ingredients. You smell the chocolate because cocoa is the primary ingredient. We will never use chemicals or fillers. Period.

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    The primary ingredient in Koko™ products is Cocoa Butter. The primary benefits of cocoa butter are derived from the chemical components Oleic Acids, Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Arachidic Acid, Palmitoleic Acid, Vitamin E.

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    Koko™ products are in "balm" form to give you the best experience possible. Unlike lotions, oils, and creams that contain water or alcohol our product does not make you pay for less effective fillers.

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    For our pain relief product Koko™ Revive, we use pure, scientifically-extracted CBD. We use a 98.6% pure Cannabidiol crystaline extract that contains absolutely no psychotropic ingredients. With pure CBD, you receive the highest quality active ingredient without dilution typically found in other oils or compounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

Our Kickstarter campaign is currently running. We do have sample size tubes available to test our product before you purchase a full size tube.

What is Koko™ made from?

All of our balms are comprised of six all natural ingredients. We do not bleach, add preservatives, or chemicals to any of our products. All our balms contain cocoa butter, bees wax, coconut oil, cornstarch, baking soda, and zanthan gum.

Can I eat Koko™?

Even though Koko™ smells delicious and all of our ingredients are natural and non toxic, we do not prepare the balms in a food grade facility. The product is not intended or directed to be ingested. All benefits from Koko™ are derived from topical application only!

Why does Koko™ smell like chocolate?

Unlike most other balms or lotions that add a little cocoa butter, our primary ingredient is unrefined, unbleached cocoa butter! That is where the natural pleasant chocolate smell comes from as well as the slight coloring.